Excerpts from parent emails at AIS-R 

“… I have appreciated everything you have done so far for my son and for the other students. Your leadership thus far has been outstanding….”


“…Thanks for taking the time to write during what I’m sure is a very busy time. We respect, understand and fully support the need for you to have run matters to ground with Matthew yesterday, particularly in light of the extensive nature of the problem. Matthew was in better spirits this morning and recognizes that your interaction with him was a necessary step in a sweeping issue. We also shared the themes in your memo with our other two other boys (Sam and Mitch) and our daughter who is home from a university in the U.S. Your correspondence to the families carries a critical message that reaches across all grades. Let us know if you need more feedback from us and thanks again for taking the time to write….”


“… I just wanted to commend your efforts regarding the cheating incident that took place during examinations. I am thoroughly impressed with the way you handled the situation and the strong message that you sent out to the students. I am confident that you were able to short list the culprits and give them the appropriate consequences. For the rest, I am sure the students will think 10 times before they do such an action again if not ever. I thank you for your efforts and am thrilled that High School is under such able leadership….”

Excerpts from parent emails at GEMS – AD

Dear Mr. Randall

Hope you are in best of health and spirits. I wanted to say good buy and thank you to you on June 12 at awards ceremony but I had to leave before I could do that. We were very fortunate to have you in the school as principle for our children and many parents like me would remember you for your invaluable contribution and in particular introduction of SSC. I hope school will continue this tradition of yours in future as it has worked better than any other modality to persuade students to complete their tasks.

As you well know that Fatima had been having trouble with her work completion and this was the only way that worked. This made the difference eventually to put some hard work. Recognition of her efforts by awarding her the “achievement award” would persuade her to work harder in future. I feel that this achievement would not have been possible without your contribution to her work ethics.

I wish you and your family a very happy life and a very successful career in your new destination and once again many thanks for all what you did for our children.

Kind regards.
Dr. Shahid Khan
father of Fatima Khan

Dear Craig

As I am sure you can imagine, I was really sad to hear your announcement this afternoon, and I know that all the HS staff I spoke to afterwards felt exactly the same way.

You have bought so many positive changes to the HS in the year or so you have been here, and I think we all hoped to experience that for many more years still. You really are a “teacher’s-principal”, and your willingness to always back us and support your staff has been greatly appreciated.

I am not sure how much thought you have given to next year yet, but I certainly wish you and Michelle all the best in your search for a new school, and I hope you find a fit that works perfectly for you and your family. Wherever you choose to go next, that school and its staff will certainly be very fortunate to get to experience your leadership and positive working environment that will create.

Thank you for all that you have done to help me grow as a teacher, and for all that you have given to the AIS-R High School. I look forward to making the most of the remainder of this year with you as my principal.


Excerpts from student emails at AIS-R 


i just wanted to thank you with everything you helped me with this year. From the consequences to the support you gave me. I don’t think i would have improved without your help and the support you’ve been giving me.


Dear Mr. Randall and Mrs. Jenkins,

I sincerely want to thank you for having this women’s day at AIS-R. The speeches that the women gave were so inspirational and beyond words to describe how it made me feel. It really was an eye opener on the importance of education world-wide and how people should not take it for granted. This day especially gave me a lot to think about and my perspective on life. I am sure I am not the only student at AIS-R who feels this way, and who is thankful for people like you who try and organize events like this to teach and remind us how we should value life.

Excerpts from teacher emails at AIS-R 

Thanks for your help with the situation. I appreciate your willingness to take time to explain things to me and even ask if I ok with your decision. Not many administrators seem to care in these situation. It is one of the qualities that make you an effective administrator. Again, I am very appreciative of the care and concern that you demonstrate for all parties involved here at AISR, even if I don’t always seem to model it. Thanks!


Thank you very much for the party you had on Wednesday night, my wife and I enjoyed the evening. You have both created a great atmosphere and ambience in the high school this year.


Tell loves working for Craig and feels really respected, which has made a big difference in our lives. He has more confidence in his teaching and feels that Craig really tries to be a teachers’ principal.


I so appreciate you! Thanks for taking the time to listen to the IB recordings.

First thank you for the wonderful card, but I have to share my thoughts with you. Your support and understanding had a huge impact on my performance this year. I actually feel comfortable and happy coming to school. Thank you very much for making learning easier.


You have brought back (from years ago) the teacher friendly HS office.


Thanks for taking time during what looked like a very stressful and busy time to calm me down. I am very thankful that you have that calm presence that made me stop, think, and settle down. I guess I overthink things and then overreact, and it’s something I need to work on. Things have been stressful this year andI am afraid I haven’t handled it all very well. I appreciate that in the middle of your emergency that you were willing to take time to help me with mine.


Hi Lindsay,

When we spoke about inner and outer lit circles earlier in the year I believe I gave you the wrong website. The correct website is www.todaysmeet.com . Good luck and let me know how it goes once you give it a try. –Craig

Thank you! I think I will try this today. … Thanks so much for the link! I tried it with both classes and they loved it…generating excitement in lit class can be a challenge, and this certainly helped.