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SI Spreads to the PTC

October 1, 2015

Dear Craig, Just wanted to let you know about a really positive incident that happened this summer at the Miami PTC course. As you know, everyone (at some stage) has to present  a “pearl of wisdom” to the group – an inspiring story that resonated with them as educators. There were some really inspiring stories […]



September 28, 2015

When I began my administrator program I met the best teacher in my life, my education mentor, Warren Aller.  My work with Warren led directly to the development and implementation of my Strengths Identification (SI) model of teacher observation and appraisal. As a teacher I remember wanting to be observed more than the traditional observation […]



May 18, 2014

My belief that consensus building is the most successful way to move forward with large initiatives transformed from philosophical belief to pragmatic understanding and true belief because of an interesting series of events.  Previous to these events, on many levels I believed that the best way forward was consensus building, knowing that that multiple minds […]


Craig Randall Philosophy of Education and Leadership

April 18, 2014

Growth. I am driven by the belief that success is best achieved when people continually strive to grow. My goal as an educational leader is to maximize growth potential through service to teachers and students, because when teachers perform better students perform better. I ac- complish this through leadership which focuses on these core educational […]