SI Spreads to the PTC

Dear Craig,
Just wanted to let you know about a really positive incident that happened this summer at the Miami PTC course. As you know, everyone (at some stage) has to present  a “pearl of wisdom” to the group – an inspiring story that resonated with them as educators. There were some really inspiring stories of course, but the one where you were mentioned was great.
Nancy spoke about how much she learnt when you were working together as the HS admin team. In particular, she spoke about the power of your walk throughs. Your immediate discussion with teachers showed her that walk throughs could be more than just checking off a box.
She then told everyone about how, in your discussions after the walk throughs, you would ask two questions:
  1. “What did your students learn today?”
  2. “If you could teach the lesson again, what would you do differently?”
Both of these questions asked the teachers to really reflect on their teaching as part of the learning process.
An avid supporter of the frequent walk through, Nancy continues this tradition at AISR and still asks these questions today. Teachers have the chance to think about their lesson with the learning as the focus and, at times, make the changes that are necessary to make the lesson more effective.
What I was really blown away by was how this story resonated with everyone. In the days following Nancy’s “pearl”, I heard many teachers asking those two questions during their role plays and interactions. It clarified their thinking about what they were really looking for in good teaching practices.
I was so proud of having been one of the lucky teachers who have worked with you. Now, as an administrator, I also try to emulate your walk through style and can only hope that I will inspire complete strangers as you did this year.
I’m sure this will make your day to hear all this – you deserve to know how you have changed lives.

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