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Craig RandallEducator Leader

A Talented school leader with an outstanding profile.

Passionate, personable and committed leadership anchored in kindness and support. Strategic thinker who proactively provides data supported solutions for school improvement using a combination of vision, collaboration and consensus ...

  • Phone : 253-777-3364
  • Skype : craignmichele
  • Email : craigrandall@hotmail.com
  • Website : www.craig-randall.com
  • Address : 4105 North 9th Street, Tacoma, WA 98406


Executive Summary

1- Passionate, personable and committed leadership anchored in kindness and support.
2- Strategic thinker who proactively provides data supported solutions for school improvement using a combination of vision, collaboration and consensus.

3- Facilitates superior teacher growth through:
A. A schema changing observation model based on frequent classroom observations and timely follow-up visits which build trusting relationships through focusing on identifying teacher strengths and listening.
B. An instructional leadership model intensely focusing on:

4- Professional development sessions led by empowered teachers, and Peer observations connecting desired growth areas with peer strengths.

5- Inspires growth in stakeholders through boundless enthusiasm and energy, strong communication, humor and community building.



Secondary School Principal – Gems American Academy Abu Dhabi

  • * A secondary school with 700 students---supervising a staff of 66---offering the IB DP program.
  • * Leading curricular unit development and planning process using Understanding by Design, providing ongoing training and regular supported time to do the work.
  • * Chair K-12 Curriculum Committee and Co-Chair K-12 Instructional Committee.
  • * Initiated development of meaningful advisory program focused on holistic human development and pastoral care.
  • * Instituted new discipline policy—focused on consistency, growth and attendance and tardy.
  • 􏰀
  • * Instituted Professional Learning Communities in secondary school.
  • * Instituted Haiku learning management system for teacher course pages.
  • * Led secondary school through successful Abu Dhabi and Gems accreditation visits.
  • * Created atmosphere of trust and support previously lacking resulting in drastically reduced staff turnover.
  • * Led school thru many firsts, including elected student council, prom and graduation.


High School Principal – American International School Riyadh

  • * A high school with 465 students---supervising a staff of 50---offering the IB DP program---using Managebac IB tracking system—using MAP testing---using Teaching for Understanding unit development model and Atlas Rubicon---using Skyward finance and administrative software
  • * Developed and implemented new attendance policy which, through consistent enforcement and engagement of parents and students, reduced chronic student absence by 98% and chronic student tardiness by 90% .
  • 􏰀
  • * Diligently tracked academic progress and worked with teachers, parents and students to increase student attainment, resulting in reducing students on academic probation by 64%, decreasing final semester “D” grades by 48%, and final semester “F”grades by 68%, increasing percentage of students who received the IB Diploma from 67% to 87%, and increasing overall HS GPA from 3.12 to 3.24 .
  • 􏰀
  • * Led Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures trainings for HS faculty, cohort SMART goal group and MS/ES introductory training resulting in the school choosing to adopt Kagan as a school-wide goal for 2013-14 .
  • 􏰀
  • * Collaboratively created and built consensus with HS teachers on implementation of Student Success Center for. The after school program’s activities which center on mandatory work completion and individual support for struggling students increasing student achievement and responsibility.
  • * Collaborated on finalizing accreditation report resulting in 10 year reaccreditation from New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and Council of International Schools (CIS).
  • * Created common planning time for all core teachers on master schedule resulting in more time for collaboration.
  • * Applied for and received approval to pilot new IB Approaches to Learning program which has proven so successful that IB has asked to visit our school and video our teachers in their pilot work.
  • * Initiated target setting and benchmark assessment for IBDP and DP course candidates from August, 2013.
  • * Implemented peer observations as well as optional video observations for 2013-14 school year.
  • * Implemented the use of MAP scores to inform instruction and help in student goal setting to inspire student achievement and growth.


High School Associate Principal – Korea International School, Seoul

  • * A high school with 425 students---supervising a staff of 45---offering the Advanced Placement program---using the Understanding by Design curriculum development model and Atlas Rubicon-- using Powerschool student management system.
  • * Directed Advanced Placement program as AP Coordinator resulting in students improving their AP scores to the highest in Korea.
  • * Co-Chaired (Korean Council of Overseas School (KORCOS) countrywide international school PD day resulting in over 1000 teachers leading and learning from each other.
  • * Co-Chaired Strategic Planning Committee which resulted in 5-Year school-wide growth plan.
  • * Initiated, developed plan and coordinated childcare for students of teachers on PD and student/teacher conference days resulting in greater teacher satisfaction.
  • * Coordinated and co-taught weekly Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures to teachers resulting in HS building wide adoption of new pedagogical tools.


Health/PE Teacher – American School of Warsaw, Poland

  • * Led New Teacher Orientation program resulting in smooth transition to new overseas post.
  • * Initiated, developed and led 9th Grade Academy team resulting in providing improved academic, social and emotional support to students transitioning to high-school.
  • 􏰀
  • * Implemented Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests in HS.


Basketball Coach, Student Services, Faculty – Big Bend CC, Moses Lake, Washington

  • * Recruited student athletes.
  • * Coordinated disabled student services resulting in better opportunities for academic success.
  • * Provided academic advising services to students, helping students transition to universities and fulfill degree requirements.
  • * Directed residence hall.


Assistant Basketball Coach, Faculty – Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon

  • * Coached and recruited student athletes.
  • * Taught courses.


Middle School Counselor – Peninsula SD, Gig Harbor, Washington

  • * Worked in the class, providing behavioral modification and emotional support to severe behaviorally disabled students.


Owner, Point Guard Basketball College – McMinnville, Oregon

  • * Managed operations and finances at national touring camp resulting in revenues of seven figures a year.


Elementary School Counselor – Clover Park SD, Lakewood, Washington

  • * Built “Team” by leading administrator, faculty and student ropes course, adventure based team building trainings.
  • * Helped teachers and parents improve their skills by teaching Discipline and Parenting with Love and Logic classes.

Elementary School Counselor – Aberdeen SD, Aberdeen, Washington


Peace Corps Volunteer – Pakistan



Residency Principal Certification – Western Washington University


Master of Education, Guidance and Counseling – St. Martin’s University


K-12 School Counselor – Washington State ESA Certification


Bachelor of Arts, English Literature – University of Washington

Professional Development

Tools and certificates.

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Understanding By Design
  • PowerSchool
  • IB Administrator
  • 9th Grade Academy
  • Leading for Understanding
  • Love and Logic
  • Apple 3.0 Schools
  • MAP Testing


  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Team player

  • Negotiation

  • Strategic thinking

Professional Memberships

Syndicates & associations

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
  • Association for Curriculum and Professional Development (ASCD)


“… I have appreciated everything you have done so far for my son and for the other students. Your leadership thus far has been outstanding….”

“…Thanks for taking the time to write during what I’m sure is a very busy time. We respect, understand and fully support the need for you to have run matters to ground with Matthew yesterday, particularly in light of the extensive nature of the problem. Matthew was in better spirits this morning and recognizes that your interaction with him was a necessary step in a sweeping issue. We also shared the themes in your memo with our other two other boys (Sam and Mitch) and our daughter who is home from a university in the U.S. Your correspondence to the families carries a critical message that reaches across all grades. Let us know if you need more feedback from us and thanks again for taking the time to write….”

“… I just wanted to commend your efforts regarding the cheating incident that took place during examinations. I am thoroughly impressed with the way you handled the situation and the strong message that you sent out to the students. I am confident that you were able to short list the culprits and give them the appropriate consequences. For the rest, I am sure the students will think 10 times before they do such an action again if not ever. I thank you for your efforts and am thrilled that High School is under such able leadership….”


“…has this wonderful gift of being approachable and honest yet always professional.”

“…Dynamic individual whose humor, intelligence and experience make him approachable and his willingness to pitch in and support has been awesome.”

“…has pushed me to reevaluate my teaching style, make changes and improvements within the bounds that I am comfortable while full of support and encouragement.”

“…strong administration as Craig provides leads to a depth of collaboration, staff appreciation and student success that remains unmatched in my career…”

“…We will do anything for him because we believe in what he stands for and we know that we are in his good hands.”